Welcome everybody!


Welcome, everybody! We love international happenings!

claudia_small.jpgClaudia Hahm has facilitated groups with Dolphinexpeditions over 10 years now. She has been in private practice in Berlin, Germany for complementary medicine for fifteen years as a naturopath, psychotherapist, art therapist and body therapist. She has a great love for the healing, balancing, and transformative powers of water, aqua-balancing and Watsu and for all the creatures in the sea. She started her „dolphin career“ 11 years ago at WATER PLANET USA, an ecological and therapeutical organsisation, accompagnying autistic and mentally and physically disabled children swimming with wild dolphins. She loves supporting people in finding their very own individual way through the existencial swamps of life. If she could, most of the time she´d probably be on board a sailing ship in the Caribbean, playing with dolphins, encouraging new friends to imitate the dolphins and grow into a collective human pod, supporting and accepting each other compassionately, enjoying how the presence of water and dolphins opens up new perspectives for everyone.

joseph_dillard_small.jpgJoining Claudia Hahm on most expeditions will be Dr. Joseph Dillard, a psychotherapist in private practice in Phoenix, Arizona, and author, educator and creator of a very powerful method called DREAMYOGA/DEEP LISTENING to access the physician and other experts within yourself. So if you do not need a Guru or yet somebody else who tells you how to live your life, but want to meet someone who can show you how easy it can be not to stand in your own way on your life´s journey and how you can experience peace of mind, then let yourself be supported on this adventure, its main purpose being to meet the dolphins, your fellow human searchers and most importantly, yourself.

We regard the possibility of swimming with wild dolphins as an honor. We take this privilege, with its responsibility, very seriously. Our attitude is one of respect, as we have come to realize that we are guests in their home environment. The dolphins make their own choices about when and where to interact with us. Part of the beauty of this experience is in the following of their agenda, not ours.

All of our crew and captains are great swimmers and freedivers or rescue divers and if anybody has a problem in the water, we will be at your side whenever you need help.

People, who cannot even imagine getting into the water at the beginning of the week have been known to not want to get out at ALL by the end of the week…People, who were afraid of sharks, have fallen in love with them on our trips!

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