IDL Special 2021 FINDING YOUR INNER COMPASS IN A CHAOTIC WORLD Bad Sulza 12. – 16. 5. 2021


“In every life we have some trouble/But when you worry you make it double/Don’t worry, be happy.” Bobby McFerrin

We have been taught since we got fitted with diapers to stay in control, but self-control is highly over-rated. Yes, it is good to learn not to fart in public or make bad jokes while going through airport security. But beneath our calm, collected exteriors our spouses and kids and friends know what a mess we REALLY are!

In our eleventh INTEGRAL DEEP LISTENING SPECIAL, we will work on getting over ourselves and our dramas by inserting some cosmic humor. While most of us will settle for a good laugh to break the stress of pretending we know what we are doing, cosmic humor is about getting over ourselves and those worries that sap our life out of us, day by day.

We will therefore be exploring how to give up control in a healthy way and be ridiculous, so we can get out of our own way, an important step to accessing our own unique life compass, the calm “center of the cyclone” of life, where we can find inner peace, recharge our batteries and let insanity reign around us without getting caught up in it.

With the help of Integral Deep Listening, Psychodrama and Art Therapy, we will see and hear eachother, accept and connect and find our life compass!

Mindfulness exercises and Aqua Wellness Bodywork in the 35 ° C warm, healing waters of the world renowned Spa Toskana Therme, Bad Sulza with the legendary Liquid Sound underwater music will work together to resolve tensions and create new connections, not only with each other, but also in your own neural network!

Teachers: Dr. Joseph Dillard, Dr. Daniela Simmons, Musia Bus, Claudia Hahm

Seminar Language: English

Consecutive Translation into German: Claudia Hahm

Charges: € 450 / Early booking until 12. of January 2021: € 425 per person

For seminar, Hotel and Therme booking please contact Mrs Elfie Mueller

Tel. +49-36461-91040
Fax +49-36461-91013
Hotel an der Therme GmbH
Rudolf-Gröschner-Straße 11
99518 Bad Sulza

Seminar registration is also available directly with Claudia Hahm, Praxis für Komplementärmedizin&Psychotherapie
Goethestr.26a, 14163 Berlin, Tel./Fax:+49(0)30 8015856,

Dr. Joseph Dillard studied various different world religions, philosophies and psychologies before beginning work in 1974 in the field of mental health and preventive health care, pain management, and leading seminars in meditation training and dream interpretation. In 1980, he developed Dream Yoga, an effective method for understanding dreams and eliminating nightmares. Author of over twenty books, his work draws upon the integral psychology, philosophy and spirituality of Ken Wilber. He developed Integral Deep Listening (IDL), a practical method of freeing ourselves from life-long scripting and supporting transformation through an integral life practice, an ongoing process of waking up. DreamYoga.Com;

Dr. Daniela Simmons, PhD, TEP, is the founder and director of the Expressive Therapies Training Institute (ETTi), offering workshops on action methods in North Texas, other states and internationally. Dr. Simmons teaches experiential tools and didactic. She has conducted and published various research on action methods. Daniela Simmons‘ professional experience, both in Europe and the US, is in educational, research, and consultancy work in the social sciences, applied gerontology and mental health. She has been utilizing action methods sessions since 1995 in Europe and since 2005 in the US.
Dr.Daniela Simmons is the president of the American Society in Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama (ASGPP), an executive editor for the American Journal in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy as well as an editor for the Psychodrama Network News (PNN).

Claudia Hahm has operated her Practice of Complementary Medicine and Psychotherapy in Berlin since 1996. A naturopath, art therapist and IDL-Practitioner who has studied at the Fritz Perls Institute and the Institute for Humanistic Psychology, Claudia has further education in bioenergetics, Transactional Analysis, Psychodrama, Tantra Massage, WATSU (water shiatsu), Aqua-Wellness, dolphin internships via Water Planet, USA, and more. For more than 15 years she has conducted snorkeling adventures to Bimini, Bahamas to swim with wild dolphins and sharks. Photo:Petra Schramböhmer

Musia Heike Bus, head of the Institute for Aqua Wellness in Bad Sulza since 1998!
Aqua Wellness, in the resonating, color-pulsed, Liquid Sound temple in Bad Sulza, by nourishing your soul while allowing you to find your way back to basic trust in yourself, others, and life, makes it one of the most sensitive and gentle methods of body work.Deep relaxation in clear, soothing, warm water leads to joy, vitality, security, freedom, lightness and ecstasy.Senses awake, energies begin to flow and our inner beauty begins to shine.

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