Dolphin Dreaming & Best of Bimini in 2015

Dolphin Dreaming & Best of Bimini in 2015
Travel program / ​​services July 11-25, 2015

Here you can download and print the travel conditions with application form as a PDF file.

07/11 Arrival in Fort Lauderdale with accommodation in a double room at Sea Lord, one of the best hotels in Fort Lauderdale, right on the beach, a “meet up” welcoming dinner and briefing for the next day.

07/12 07 Flight from Fort Lauderdale to Bimini, checking in on The INDIGO, safety briefing and ship’s tour by Captain Geoffrey Hanan and crew. Accommodation in double cabins with bathroom and shower and a quad cabin with bathroom and shower. Lunch together. In the afternoon we make an excursion to the beautiful Shell Beach to swim, snorkel, and sunbathe to your heart’s content! In the evening we meet at the Beach Club at the best restaurant on the island for our Captain’s dinner. Depending on the tide, the INDIGO casts off during the night or early morning.

07/13: After a delicious breakfast we meet on the dive deck to customize our snorkel gear and then we jump into the beautiful, aqua-blue water for snorkel training. Everyone is individually assisted according to his or her abilities, so that we form a happy, confident “dolphin” pod! From now on, at any time, we may be quickly called together on the diving deck to get on our gear to enter the water and swim with wild dolphins! There may be the opportunity to feed beautiful rays in the shallows at Honeymoon Harbor, and snorkeling among the many fascinating reefs to observe the amazing varieties of beautiful tropical fish. Everything what happens will depend on the weather and the dolphins! In the evening we will anchor beside the island; only in bad weather will Indigo return to dock. After dinner, there is an exciting workshop with Dr. Joseph Dillard, in which Joseph shares tools and strategies for each of us to make this amazing time together of growth, exploration, and adventure even better!

07/14: Hatha Yoga and breathing meditation at sunrise on the top deck. Often we already see dolphins while doing our yoga! Dolphins? Dolphins! Dolphins! Sometimes Indigo will cruise the vast Bahama Bank dolphin grounds for hours in search of dolphins, sometimes they come immediately to the boat. Not only is it wonderful to be with them in the water, but just as nice to watch them from the boat, because you can see quite a bit of behavior from the ship’s deck that cannot be seen in the water! Of course we stay prepared at any time for the call of the Captain to “Come to the dive deck and get your gear on! Then you know that you will be quickly jumping in! After dinner, we sit down with Joseph Dillard and discuss how the day went and who still wishes what kind of support. If the group is not too tired, you can ask for a small evening workshop with Joseph. Joseph is also available if you want to explore the life issues that arise within you as you explore new dimensions of your inner and outer realities. While many people come on our trips to just relax and have a wonderful adventure, you can deepen the entire process and integrate it in ways that it won’t be lost or forgotten when you return home.

07/15: Hatha Yoga and Meditation at sunrise. Dolphins, water, snorkel training, free diving!

07/16: Hatha Yoga and breathing meditation at sunrise. Dolphins? Dolphins! Dolphins! Evenings: Looking back, space to explore whatever life issues are coming up for you.

07/17: After breakfast we take a nostalgic reprise of our week together by watching the video diary prepared for us by the ship’s photographer! You will have a collection of both still and videos of dolphins, Bimini, and ship activities to purchase and take home as a precious reminder of your adventure! Either fly to Fort Lauderdale for another night by the beach at the Sea Lord, or continue to Bimini Sands Resort luxury accommodations, for those who have booked the additional program!

07/17: Check-in Bimini Sands to units with full kitchens and all the comforts of home! The afternoon is free for disposal sunbathing or snorkeling at the resort’s private beach or swimming in the incredible infinity pool, while the washing machines in our units work for us! Claudia and Joe will cruise over to North Bimini for a giant food-shopping expedition! They will bring back special, pre-ordered gustatory delights for our week at Bimini Sands.
Dinner together: We have our own chef who serves special Bahama-style dinners for us the whole week! After dinner we will have our first exciting marine biology lecture on sharks.

07/18: Mindfulness & Meditation with Joseph. Breakfast a la Joseph, his cheese omelets are famous! After breakfast, visit the world-renowned shark research laboratory with our marine biologists. Afternoon Aqua-Wellness in the gorgeous infinity pool! We will combine our dinner with a marine biology Question Time. We will discuss the misconceptions about sharks that lead to unnecessary fears.

07/19: Yoga and Freediving-breathing exercises, breakfast a la Joseph, boat trips with our own chartered boats, which are moored at the marina on our doorstep! Our marine biologist captains, Katie and Grant, know the waters around Bimini better than almost anyone else. They are at our service the entire week to safely transport us everywhere we want to go, and we can all stay as long as we want among the dolphins, reefs, and mangroves! Today we will visit the rays in a beautiful little bay, snorkel reefs and perhaps snorkel a wreck that even beginners can enjoy! Those who wish can make, with supervision, their first free diving adventure! Return at sunset, dinner together prepared by our personal chef!

07/20: Yoga and freediving breathing exercises, breakfast a la Joseph, marine biology introduction to the world of the mangroves. Kayak trip through the miles of beautiful mangroves with our marine biologists who will answer all your questions. Free afternoon, dinner, evening workshop with Joseph Dillard: space for current life issues, breathing and awareness techniques

07/21: Yoga and Freediving-breathing exercises, breakfast a la Joseph. On our boat trip we will bring you to a very special place, where you can meet beautiful, gentle nurse sharks while snorkeling! There may also be an opportunity to snorkel with Caribbean Reef Sharks! Both during and after dinner we will learn about the world of the many fish and creatures of the tropical reefs that we have explored.

07/22: Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises, breakfast a la Joseph, day at leisure. Trip to North Bimini? Stand-Up Paddle Board Tour? Aqua-Wellness session in the infinity pool? Interview with Joseph? Collect shells? Dinner together, looking back on the week with Joseph

07/23: Somewhat later breakfast a la Joseph, last afternoon boat trips, snorkeling and free diving and hopefully dolphins! Barbecue by the pool!

07/24: After breakfast check out and transfer to the airport with another night at the beach and the Sea Lord, Fort Lauderdale.

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